NETcollege is a language school online. You won’t waste time commuting, you can learn at your own place with a tutor in our virtual school. Classes are taught at all levels. Each lesson is carefully prepared methodically, and individual classes guarantee rapid progress. Our aim is to teach you to speak fast and with confidence. If your goal an international certificate or the other exam, we will prepare you effectively for all its parts. You start with an online test to check your level. To assess this we use the CEFR scale, from A1 to C2. After establishing your level we offer lessons that will be a challenge and will guarantee progress. We match days and hours to suit your needs and expectations. Our teachers are Polish and native speakers of English and German, who work under the supervision of the methodology specialist. Our team guarantees satisfaction which not only means providing lessons of the highest quality but also perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of every individual student. We prepare our own resources to be used at the lessons.

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Jola Witaszek

In 2016 she came up with the idea of creating a school of English online. An English teacher with a degree, a methodology specialist. She teaches exam levels, and takes a special interest in writing skills. She also deals with translation, including live interpreting. She prepares students to attend conferences and symposia conducted in English. Privately, she is a passionate dog handler and a sport and literature lover. For several years now, she has been actively developing eLearning for English as a foreign language.

Kali Swaid

With a background in fashion design and the arts, Kali has acquired unique communication skills that prove to be effective in teaching English. As an English teacher, Kali uses various teaching techniques that involves the students in an emotional way that help them retain the information in a natural way.
Growing up bilingual, Kali has developed a taste for learning languages and continued to learn Italian and Spanish. In free time, Kali likes to practice yoga and various dance forms while developing various artistic skills.

Julia Witaszek

A student of Applied Linguistics, Warsaw University. She has obtained numerous language certificates, including the most prestigious Cambridge Proficiency in English. She worked as a teacher of English and German at the language school, College of languages in Lodz and the STO primary school in Łódź. She passionately prepares lessons based on her own material. She promotes a healthy lifestyle and practises sport in every free moment.

Frances Menton

Frances lives in South Africa and has 20 years teaching experience and she received her TEFL certification in 2018. Having taught in mainstream classes for many years, she has vast knowledge and expertise with teaching English as a foreign language. Frances is very understanding to the challenges that students face with learning this complex language. She assists students daily with private tuition to overcome these barriers and help build confidence and knowledge. Apart from being a dedicated teacher, she also loves to travel and has visited many European countries, like France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. She is also very creative and loves to paint and draw. Frances is an avid reader and keeps up to date with world affairs, general knowledge and research.

Steve Fields

Steve has been teaching English since 2011, He has worked as a teacher in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. He is certified with Trinity College as a teacher and as an examiner. He has also worked with range of international companies to provide business and specialist English classes to their employees. Most recently he was been working with Liverpool University to help students obtain the necessary English qualifications to enrol in Higher Education in the UK. His passion is enabling students to take the next step in their life, careers or education. Now living in Spain, when he’s not working Steven enjoys running and cycling and the great outdoors!

Wiktoria Siwiec

Wiktoria Siwiec

A student of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, specialization in teaching and translation. Wiktoria works with English and Spanish. She has been always interested in a profession of a translator and a teacher performed with modern technologies, which has recently become her new passion. In her free time she programs, learns new languages and travels a lot.She uses her language skills not only at work, but also in personal contacts, gaining new cultural knowledge from local people. In 2020, Wiktoria studies in Vigo, Spain.

Robert Roberson

Robert Roberson

Robert Roberson is a teacher with 35 years of teaching experience.Now he is living in Los Angeles. He has taught all over Europe and speaks four languages. He attended school in both the United States and France. While in France, he was awarded the Prize in Pedagogy for his creation of CWL (Colorful Ways of Learning) and LGS, (Language Game System). He pioneered on-line classes for Pro-linguis Language School in Thiamont Attert Belgium. Robert likes to keep class light and fun.

Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton

I am from Middlesbrough in England. I originally studied business before moving into Education before travelling and teaching around the world (even in Vietnam). I then moved across to Poland in September 2016. Now I live in Łódź. I specialise in working with young children and teenagers especially with speaking and listening skills helping them to develop and believe in constant personal improvement taking part in various teaching seminars and working at summer school at Oxford University where I’ve won several teacher of the month awards for my work. I love to travel, meet new people, listen to music and trying to learn Polish.