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We invite you to study in our online school. NETcollege offers the best standards of teaching languages developed through 30 years of work in a traditional school. You will meet your teachers at a time that is most convenient for you. A one-to-one lesson guarantees quick progress and a pace adapted to the needs and abilities of NETcollege students.

Maybe you’ll start speaking English ? Maybe after our lessons you will pass the exam ?

Our English teachers will give you the courage to start speaking, pass the exam, and maybe even start translating texts like us? See what we offer and join the students at NETcollege!

Learning a language online

Nowadays, taking courses, working and even going to school online does not surprise anyone. The pandemic, but also the development of technology, has made e-learning possible for everyone interested, which allows for better time management and greater comfort of learning – the teacher is at your disposal, available via the Internet.


Our online school offers classes at all levels, which allows you to learn from scratch as well as at a high level of advancement. Our international team of teachers with many years of experience, including academic, in teaching, will guide you through online English lessons. We pay special attention to live contact with the language: not only dry translation and vocabulary learning, but also speaking and understanding speech and texts. By working with our teachers, you will feel at ease when using a foreign language on a daily basis.


Our online school will also allow you to prepare for advanced language exams, which will allow, among others: to study at English and American universities. The teachers will not only help you improve your linguistic skills, but will also teach you how to properly write texts and solve exam tests online.


Academic Writing courses

We have also prepared online classes for you to improve your skills in writing academic texts in English. It is not only translating content from Polish, but also learning how to formulate sentences and entire paragraphs.


Academic Writing training conducted online is addressed to high school graduates preparing for the exam as well as students and employees of universities who plan to write papers in English.

Online text translations

In addition to conducting online courses, we also prepare translations of texts from and into English and German. The translated materials are always passed on to native speakers for processing, making them sound natural and understandable. If we translate speeches, we offer pronunciation training with one of our teachers, so that no word will be a mystery to you! We work on texts on time, but above all – reliably.

Jola Witaszek

The originator of the NETcollege online English school.

Actively develops e-learning in the field of teaching English.

English teacher. Methodist.

Jola specializes in teaching exam levels, writing, and also provides live translations. She works with people preparing to participate in symposia and conferences.

She immerses himself in literature, practices sports, and cooks with passion.


We have a great team of teachers

Our team consists of representatives of various professional backgrounds from around the world.

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