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  1.  NETcollege is an online branch of the Cambridge Exam Preparation Center based in Łódź, ul. Joanna 13, 93-404 Łódź, NIP 7291245677, REGON 363908238 telephone (+48) 607 9934 66, e-mail address biuro@netcollege.pl, account number 82 1030 0019 0109 8503 0014 0902 – citibank.
  2.  A student starting learning at NETcollege prepares headphones, a microphone and secures the connection to the Internet. Classes are held on the e-learning platform at www.school.netcollege.pl. The student receives login details. Contact with the school takes place via Skype or by e-mail at biuro@netcollege.pl
  3.  Classes are selected after a preliminary analysis of the student’s needs and language level. The student completes a special form and writes the PLACEMENT TEST. The school presents the result and proposes appropriate lessons. Direct supervision over the selection of the level is carried out by the school’s methodologist.
  4.  The student chooses the dates of classes available at the school, the frequency of meetings and the type of lessons.
  5.  Po ustaleniu terminu nauki oraz wybraniu rodzaju zajęć i pakietu uprawniającego do rabatu, kolejnym krokiem jest wpłata na konto: 53 1050 1461 1000 0090 8210 9845 – ING Bank Sląski – należytej sumy za lekcję bądź za wybrany pakiet. Wpłata powinna zostać dokonana co najmniej na dwa dni przed ustalonym terminem lekcji. Dokonanie wpłaty jest równoznaczne z deklaracją rozpoczęcia zajęć.
  6.  The fee for NETcollege lessons is paid via the Active Now virtual secretary, where the student can find the register of their lessons and a direct link to the payment.
  1. If, for reasons beyond the control of the teacher or student (power / Internet outage, illness), the lesson cannot take place on the previously scheduled date, it will be transferred to another date with the consent of both parties.
  2.  If the lesson is not held due to NETcollege’s fault and the school does not notify the student about the reasons for the lesson at least one hour before the lesson starts and fails to establish, with the student’s consent, a new date, the student may apply for a refund, unless a new lesson date is agreed. . The lesson fee will be sent to the student’s account number within 24 hours.
  3.  Customer being late / Unexcused absence – the time of delay is deducted from the duration of the classes. If the student does not show up within fifteen minutes after the agreed time, the session is considered to have been conducted. If the student misses the lesson without prior contact with the teacher, the student bears the costs of this lesson.
  4.  The student may cancel the classes by notifying the teacher or the school via Skype or to the e-mail address biuro@netcollege.pl no later than 2 hours before the lesson. Absences reported less than 2 hours before the lesson will result in the charge for the lesson.
  5.  In justified cases, the student has the right to change the teacher during the course.
  6.  All complaints and comments should be reported to the Office by phone (607 9934 66) or by e-mail (biuro@netcollege.pl).
  7.  Each NETcollege student is required to read these Regulations. Starting learning at NETcollege is tantamount to accepting these Regulations.
  8.  Personal data is protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. “On the protection of personal data” (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883) in a way that prevents access to them by third parties. NETcollege is the Personal Data Administrator. The student’s data will only be used for the administrative purposes of the school and to fulfill the order.
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